Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our wedding: the reception

I specifically remember heaving a huge sigh of relief when the ceremony was done and the formal portraits had been taken. As overjoyed as I was with the ceremony, let's face it, it's the nerve-wracking part of the day and I was just excited for the reception at that point. Plus, I was starving. Pit in my stomach kind of starving.

So we got changed up, me in a sundress and cardigan while Mr. FP ditched his jacket. And so the accessory dilemma was solved. Like Amberdawn suggested in her comment on that post, I decided to go with the sash and veil for the ceremony and saved the hair flower and cardigan for later (as much as it killed me to leave that cardigan behind during the ceremony...).

And as physically necessary as changing outfits was, it was also a nice emotional break for us to be alone even if only for 10 minutes. Although we're not Jewish, the whole concept of yichud completely makes sense to me now. We'd gone through practically the whole day together at that point, but amidst the furry of getting everything ready, we hadn't exactly had time to connect emotionally.

I'd highly suggest taking at least a few minutes alone together. Seriously. Do it.

We arrived to the reception without a big entrance. No marching band. No music, other than the iPod playlist that played softly in the background. No choreographed dance. No first dance, even. We just walked in to a round of applause. Simple. And perfectly us.

(all photos, except the last, by our photographer)

Then it was time to eat. Oh my God, was it ever time to eat. And the food was amazing. As I've mentioned numerous times before, I had no interest in the food at our wedding. I wanted there to be plenty for everyone, but I could not have cared less about what it was, as long as there was something vegetarian for myself and those who are so inclined. So my mom was kind enough to liaise with a local catering company which happened to be run by a man who grew up in the same area as my mother. And let me tell you, the food was awesome. Plenty of salad, potatoes, veggies and apparently, the pork tenderloin was ridiculously tasty.

As far as drinks went, we bought tons of cans of pop and the caterer brought a gigantic water dispenser which we left on one of the food tables so people could help themselves. My aunt and uncle were also nice enough to provide plenty of wine which people promptly devoured.

Yeah, yeah, okay, so there was food.
People drank lots, fine.

I know that what you're really interested in is the desserts.
No? Oh, it must just be me, then.
I was thrilled when it was time for dessert.

Mr. FP's aunt has promised us some of her famous chocolate mini cheesecakes and I couldn't wait for them. In addition to those, the catering company brought tons of fruit to be dipped in the milk chocolate, caramel, and white chocolate fountains they supplied. Yep, that's right. 3 fountains of deliciousness. Go, mom.

And of course, the cupcakes had been successfully iced and setup on the cupcake stand (by my awesome aunts) and were quickly eaten. I'm pretty sure the kiddies had made it over to visit Mario and Peach before they'd even finished their dinner. Too funny.

In the kerfuffle of the day, I completely forgot something for the cupcakes that I'd always intended to make: cards to distinguish between cupcake flavors. I'm ticked I forgot those because I was concerned about allergies, but as it turns out, the guests who did have allergies were comfortable enough to ask either myself or Mr. FP which ones were safe for them. But even so, silly me for forgetting that.

Speaking of silly, I couldn't get over how funny the kids' reactions were to the candy buffet which double as our guest favors. I think this photo speaks for itself.

(guest photo)

If only there were drool dripping from their mouths, then it would be perfect. They went crazy over it. As did the adults, for that matter. More details on the candy buffet coming soon.

Okay, that's it, this post is turning into a novel. Part 2 of the reception tomorrow.


Ghenet said...

That dessert display looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an amazing reception!

Miss C said...

I want a cupcake now. It all looks so good! And how cute are the kiddies?!

Lisa said...

looks great! i really want one of the funfetti cupcakes! they are the best

Nicole-Lynn said...

OMG... those funfetti chip cupcakes are my fav.! The frosting is so hard to find near me so when I find it I make sure to buy some. Everything turned out great :)

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