Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the week of our wedding: chaos

Somehow, I thought that writing about how I was feeling the week of the wedding would be difficult since it happened almost two weeks ago and because so much has happened since then.

Turns out, that kind of stress isn't easily forgotten. Oh no, in fact, I vividly remember the emotions I experienced during those days.

As I mentioned once or twice before, I hate making things in multiples of 80. But that seemed to be the trend in my last days as a single woman. Moreover, all those things we'd made in multiples of 80 needed to be prepped to make the 40 minute drive to the cottage. So many items and such a long haul resulted in one thing at least: an apartment full of boxes. And when I say full, I mean that Mr. FP and I could barely navigate our way around our living room for a good solid week.

Add to that the fact that we'd be arguing more than usual and you've got yourself one stressful apartment. We were spending so much time trying to coordinate the rentals, flowers, programs, people... (the list goes on and on) that we'd all but forgotten about one another. Bad, I know. Thankfully, that madness came to a screeching halt when we spent two hours on Wednesday night just hanging out together and talking about how happy we were to be getting married to one another. We needed that more than I knew at the time. Seriously, those of you who have weddings coming up, schedule a date night. Or at least spend the better part of a half an hour talking to one another. It might relieve some of the stress.

After that, we spent the better part of the week wondering whether or not we'd be able to fit everything into our tiny car but thankfully we had many friends and family members offer their cars as storage facilities if we needed it. Which we did.

The Thursday before the wedding was set as our moving day and I am eternally grateful to Groomsman J. who helped Mr. FP make the seemingly endless amount of trips between our third floor apartment and the car to get everything situated. To add injury to insult, he ended up being shmooshed in the back seat surrounded by boxes, dress bags, suit bags and our luggage for the honeymoon. Poor boy. As it turns out, he made himself quite comfortable back there and claimed to actually enjoy it.

Of course, after all this packing, we still had to make the trip up to the cottage and were hoping to get some of the tents set up that night as well because we knew Friday would be a flurry of preparation and trips back to the city. And yet, of course, we were late. So late in fact that by the time we arrived at the cottage, it was dark. Which, as it turns out, isn't the best situation for setting up tents. Who knew?

Fortunately, this snag in the plans gave us the opportunity to get things unpacked and settled into the cottage. We got started by cleaning and filling the jars for the candy buffet. Let me tell you, being surrounded by $60 worth of candy is a tempting experience but I tried to resist. However, I may have snuck a jelly bean or two.

And as much as I'd hoped to get tons of stuff done that night, we were all so exhausted from packing, moving, and unpacking that we called it a night. Good thing, actually, since we had to be awake at 6am the next morning to get the rentals. At that point, we all needed some beauty rest.


LauraLou said...

Sounds like the week before our wedding! It was the most stressful week of my life. We were up until 3 am every night that week. I'm sure everything turned out beautiful, though!

Sara said...

Wow! Sounds like it was a really hectic time, but your vision, I'm sure was worth ever grooling moment. I love your idea to have a date night. It's soo good to hear that you guys had a chance to reconnect the week of - that's so important. I know the feeling of getting annoyed with each other amidst the stress. That happened to us during our engagement party, and that's when we decided to hire a planner! Can't wait to hear more.

Kristy said...

thanks for the honesty in the recaps - i'm hanging on your every word and can't wait for the other nuggets of advice your other recaps will hold!

Miss C said...

Sounds incredibly hectic, but you're writing about it so calmly now. There is nothing worse than having your tiny apartment full of "stuff". It is horrible.

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