Friday, July 23, 2010

our wedding: ceremony details

Here's some more photos from the ceremony. We're so blessed to have had a photographer who took note of the details we worked so hard on for so many months. She's my hero.

Our ceremony musician, a friend of Mr. FP's and a local musician who did an awesome job. Or, at least, so I'm told. I was a little too focused on walking down the aisle to hear him. Pathetic, I know. He played "Today" as everyone walked down the aisle, which ended up being very appropriate since he openly admits to having a man crush on Joshua Radin.

Tree face! These bad boys are scattered all over the trees at the cottage and they're all unique and hilarious.

Our program attendant, sitting patiently. Thank goodness for calm children.

Our programs. I made 80 of these and I have absolutely no desire to ever do that again. The only consolation in the seemingly never-ending program assembly process? The cute little owls.

Our amazing handmade rings done by fabuluster on Etsy. We cannot thank Jess and Brent Williams enough for these pieces of art that we get to wear on our fingers. And I'm thankful to have some good shots of them because mine never quite did them justice. Read more about them in these posts.

Our rings in their nest. I think our ring bearer may have been a little thrown off guard when we told him he'd be carrying a nest, but he rocked it.

Our vow sheet which we shared. Complete with typo.

The chairs. Which took me way too long to set up. Good thing they're pretty, or else I'd hate them.

One of my favorite things about the ceremony, Mr. FP's feet. The choice of Converse had been much debated in the past (his dad informed him that he "can't get all dressed up in a suit and then wear sneakers"), but I'm so thrilled he wore them. I can't help but see a pair of black high tops and have them remind me of him, even though I know millions of people wear them. But, hey, I'm not alone in that. My little cousins once saw me wearing Converse and proceeded to make fun of me for wearing Mr. FP's shoes. Because, of course, no one else in the world wore them as far as they knew at the time. I love kids.


Ghenet said...

Lovely! The nest is so cute and I love how your vows were presented. So pretty!

Miss C said...

First of all, thanks for putting the song up, because as I read about it I immediately thought that I should listen to it while reading the post, and then it was there!

Love the tree faces.

Almost cried at my desk reading your vows.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Loving that you had a friend play "Today" by Joshua Radin! So nice! I especially love acoustic guitar playing..

My fiance is learning Canon in D on his classical acoustic guitar and we'll record it so it can play as I walk down the aisle to him. I can't wait! :)

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