Thursday, May 6, 2010

puttin' a ring on it

As I mentioned before, our wedding bands have arrived! I feel like it's been so long since we actually started the process of getting our rings that I'm thrilled to finally have them in hand (pun intended).

Looking back at previous posts, I realize that I haven't said a single word about what's been going on with the rings since one of my first posts, so it's time for some serious updating.

A few months ago, I came across Etsy seller fabuluster and their amazing fingerprint rings. Immediately after seeing them, both Mr. FP and myself fell in love with the idea. Although my initial reaction was apprehension because we'd obviously have to order them online without ever seeing them and I wasn't so sure that the indents from the fingerprint would feel comfortable against the skin. Luckily, I was able to address all of these concerns ahead of time and Jessica assured me that the rings would be smooth and guaranteed that we'd get what we paid for.

At that point, it was full steam ahead. Honestly, how many couples in the world have each others fingerprints on the inside of their wedding band? Um, none that I've come across. Fortunately, the idea has been garnering some serious praise and it's definitely well deserved because we could not be happier with our rings.

Not only are we saving a bundle, but we're supporting local-ish (they're only 5 hours away from us) and independent artists. Being able to constantly communicate with Brent and Jessica made the process that much easier and although I put them through hell with my indecision, we ended up with exactly what we want, so it all worked out.

The actual process was fairly easy, although time consuming since we had to ship things back and forth. The whole thing starts off with a fingerprint impression kit that we stressed over because we wanted our finger impressions to turn out perfect. Although they weren't all great, we got 4 different tries with one kit, so it ended up okay in the end. And only a few weeks after receiving our impression kit, the rings were practically done.

{click photos to enlarge}

I found it was much easier to see the fingerprint impression through the photographs of Mr. FP's ring because his is wider. The detail on the actual rings is incredible.

And because we're weird, the first thing we did after opening the box was check to make sure that the impressions match our own fingerprints so for 3 minutes, we just sat there inspecting the fingerprints. Mr. FP was convinced that mine didn't have his, but he was looking at it sideways because he's stupid like that sometimes.

Originally, we'd planned to have rings that matched exactly, but that changed after browsing through the shop. I ended up choosing a variation on this ring so mine would include diamonds & sapphires (of course) in white gold (to match my engagement ring) and Mr. FP opted for a modern design with lines in sterling silver.

I can't say enough amazing things about the whole thing. Jessica and Brent were open to practically anything. These ones worked perfectly for us, but their shop is full of a wide variety of styles so if you're in the market for some seriously unique wedding bands, I would highly recommend checking them out!


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

That's such a cool idea. Move over regular engraving. Wow.

Margaret said...

Totally gorgeous. I really like that twist on an engraving, etc.!

Chocolate Lover said...

Love the fingerprint! How cool! Such a great idea. The rings look great!

Miss C said...

I love them, especially your wedding band.

We've been thinking about doing this... have some time up our sleeves anyway :)

Ms. Bunny said...

Mr. Beagle and I like the fingerprint impressions too. Unfortunately we already have my band because it was made at the same time as my engagement ring so that they would fit together. But your rings are beautiful. Very, very cool.

Ms. Sunday said...

I love these fingerprint rings! I wish I saw these before we ordered his ring, I may have tried to persuade him to order one of these instead.

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