Monday, May 31, 2010


As we get closer and closer to the wedding, each weekend seems less and less like a weekend. With Mr. FP working full time, it's hard to get stuff done through the week. Especially considering the fact that he doesn't have a 9 to 5 job.

I had a small panic attack when he recently told me that his shift at work had been changed for the month of June and that he would be working 12:30 - 8:30 pm. Um, how the heck are we supposed to get anything done? was the first thing to run through my head. That was followed shortly by a mind heart attack as the concept really sank in. Thankfully, the whole ordeal ended well as he was able to find someone to switch with. I'm glad the wedding card works so well with his co-workers, otherwise I might have called his boss myself. Considering all the travel and transportation of things that needs to happen between here and the cottage before June 26th, him working until 8:30 just wasn't going to work.

So we may have avoided complete disaster, but the wedding still seems like a full time job. And when there's stuff that requires both of us, the weekends are pretty much our only option. Thankfully, we were able to make this weekend a productive one. Well, at least half of it was. Productivity wasn't really on my mind on Sunday as my mom's co-worker/family of the family threw me a bridal shower at her house. That day was full of good food, awesome people and amazing presents. We got 3 sets of dishes which we've desperately been needing since we've been using the ones my parents didn't need after they replaced their own set. They're blue and green and so, so, pretty. But not too pretty, Mr. FP reminds me. Gender neutral is key, apparently. And these are perfect. And with matching placemats, napkins, centerpiece and wine glasses, we're going to have to throw a dinner party or two sometime soon.

While I was "busy" at the shower, the boy was left to his own devices. Remember that list Mr. FP started? Well, he crossed off nearly half of the items on Sunday. Albeit, things get added every day, but it was still a big accomplishment. He was able to pick up his suit, hire a musician for the ceremony, confirm delivery for the rentals and visit with his "best lady".

But the best news of all from this weekend is that we got to see our venue! After months of being closed, the cottage was opened for the season last month. And with the amazing weather we've been having lately, things are progressing much faster as far as nature goes this year. Flowers are in full bloom and the grass is perfectly green which often doesn't happen until mid-June. We were nervous about seeing the property because, after all the rain last summer, the ground had been turned basically to mush and mud. Obviously, that wouldn't make such great conditions for a wedding ceremony, so I spent the winter praying that the ground would be solid enough for the wedding to work. Thank goodness it worked out and the ground is as solid as it should be, so we have our choice of locations for the ceremony.

{click images to enlarge}

Right now, we're debating whether or not we want to keep it closer to the cottage or right next to the beach. The beach would provide an awesome backdrop for photos, but if it's particularly sunny that day, our guests will have no shade. On the other hand, I'm worried that the area closer to the cottage won't provide enough lighting for good photos at 3 in the afternoon when the ceremony is scheduled. Clearly, that's a question for our pretty photographer, so we'll see.

For the moment though, we're just content in knowing that we won't have to sport rubber boots along with our wedding attire!


Hollie said...

what a pretty site!

Amberdawn said...

What a pretty cottage! I'm looking for a vacation home with a lake for my wedding too.

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