Monday, May 17, 2010

here I sit, drooling over footwear

I am not a heel wearer in my everyday life so I don't plan to become one for the wedding. A combination of the outdoor venue and my desire to be 100% comfortable forbids it.

Which is why I'm both elated and depressed to have discovered Etsy seller norakaren and her amazing creations. These puppies desperately make me want to convert to heel wearing. Tons of her shoes are perfect for weddings and particularly so for the bride who isn't afraid of color.

Narrowing it down to only 4 photos for this post was the hardest thing ever. No joke. Check her out!


Imperfectly Perfect said...

No fair! I want. Our wedding is outdoors too (with a picnic reception) so heels might be a REALLY bad idea for me...oh! those shoes!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Cute shoes! I hardly ever wear heels, but am wearing a pair for the ceremony, since my fiancĂ© is over a foot taller than me otherwise. But I’m definitely bringing flats for the dance party!

Chocolate Lover said...

Going to right now!

Vee said...

Great... just what I needed - more shoes to lust after! Thanks a lot! =P

Lisa said...

i love the ones that look like peacock feathers!

Mrs T said...

They are so cute!

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