Wednesday, May 5, 2010

yet another addition to the DIY list

Early in our wedding planning we decided that we didn't need programs for the ceremony. Since I'm more than capable to do them myself, we knew it would be a DIY project and I just wasn't sure I needed to add another item to the long list of DIY projects we already had going.

But in my travels through the world of wedding porn, I fell in love with the idea recently. So now we're doing programs. Thankfully, we found a ton of helpful information on how to make accordion-fold programs. And the results of Mrs. Cupcake's programs convinced me that it was doable.

It's highly likely that ours won't be anywhere near as fancy as hers, but I'm looking forward to how they'll turn out. So far, I've successfully designed and ordered the fronts and backs in the form of postcards from -- who else? -- Vistaprint.

And in my totally biased opinion, I think they turned out great. Once again, we used the cute little owls that I purchased on Etsy and the rest of the design was super simple. Like the rest of our stationery, we opted for a whimsical design that could not be farther from classical. What can I say? Our obsession with cute owls overtook us.

We're still working on what we want for the actual content, but I'm leaving it until later. If it ends up being one of those projects that gets dropped off the list, I won't be disappointed. There's tons of other DIY projects that take priority over this one.

And after I finished my design work, I decided to leave the logistics to Mr. FP since he craves opportunities to make math formulas. Yep, he's one of those guys. Weird, I know. But funny. And cute. And damn useful when it comes to the wedding because I hate math. It hurts my brain. Literally.


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Cute design. I too am going the DIY route with our programs although I stole the idea from other bloggers.

Sara said...

So cute. Love all your DIY details.

Margaret said...

The owls are too cute! I've been toying with the idea of programs, but since our ceremony is super short and we don't have any attendants, I wasn't really sure what else would go in there, LOL.

Chocolate Lover said...

Very cute! The owls are great!

Ms. Bunny said...

Awwwwwww, I love your owls. Very cute design. But don't stretch yourself too far dear!

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