Tuesday, May 25, 2010

wedding-planning induced nightmares

Ugh, remember when I said that being done school would free up more of my time so I could be a better blogger? Well, I lied. A big fat huge lie is what that was.

Things have been crazy around here. Crazy but productive. All those little details that I had so much time to think about when I started blogging back in December are taking up 95% of my time. Thankfully, this means that we've been able to cross tons of stuff off our wedding to-do list. Things like the cupcake tower, cake topper, registry at Sears and the program layout that have been hanging over our heads are well on their way to completion. And let me tell you, it's a satisfying experience to open up our wedding to-do list online and see more things crossed off as each day goes by.

Amid all this productive activity though, I have become a crazy person. Details run through my head all day and when it comes to sleep, the wedding has begun to invade my dreams.

Yep, that's right. I'm dreaming of our wedding.

But not in a good way.

It started simple enough way back when as one of the first dreams involved a groom who didn't show up because he forgot what time the wedding was. Simple, right? Most brides dream about a groom-less wedding. Perfectly normal.

Unfortunately, that was the tip of the iceberg. Since then I've had more disturbing dreams. And the disturbing nature of these dreams continues to rise as we get closer to the big day. Here's a few of my favorites:

1) My dress arrives and it's an odd shade of gold. To make matters worse, it's covered in tiny holes which causes it to bear an uncanny resemblance to Swiss cheese. Plus, it has a hood. Yep, a hood. Pockets on a wedding dress are one thing, but a hood?!

2) My brother, who is doubling as a groomsmen, shows up in Renaissance themed clothing after being instructed to buy a simple pair of black pants and a white shirt. Turns out poofy sleeves and tights aren't that flattering on him.

3) Having forgotten to get directions to the cottage/wedding venue, our photographer isn't able to show up until half way through the reception. And although we recognize her absence before the ceremony even begins, we never put two and two together and ultimately fail to ask any one else to photograph anything.

4) The flowers are picked up from the florist but they're entirely the wrong color and completely different from the types we wanted. In spite of this, I decide to take the time to make the bouquets instead of asking the florist to fix the problem.

For the most part, these dreams are motivated by my worry that we won't get everything done on time because we 1) forget or 2) run out of time. Things like not giving directions to the photographer and double checking flower choices with the florist are just two of the thousands of details that consume my brain lately. Thankfully, our photographer is a genius and I don't much care for flowers anyway.

But even so, you know you could well on your way to some trouble when your subconscious is screaming at you like mine is. This is what to-do lists are for. Actually, I should change that. This is what insanely detailed to-do lists are for. For the past couple of days I've begun writing every minor detail I can think of so nothing gets forgotten. Everything from pens for our guest book to scoops for the candy buffet.

Now, realistically, this is a ton of bull. I will forget something. Things that we wanted probably won't come to fruition. As micromanage-y as the list sounds, it's my only saving grace. It gives me an outlet through which I can find a small sense of comfort because amid all the wedding craziness that is bound to happen within the next month, at least I know I won't forget the most important of things.

Do I think it'll allow me to achieve wedding perfection? Um, hell no. But I'm a list maker by nature, so at least it'll help me stay organized and give me ever-busy brain a couple hours of rest. Which is exactly what I'll be needing one day soon, I'm guessing.

There's also one more thing that provides me with a small bit of comfort amidst all this craziness... the wedding-planning induced nightmare have also begun to infect Mr. FP's brain. He had his first one last month. Misery loves company.


Ms. Bunny said...

You're dreams sound like when I have work dreams. I'm constantly going over and over things I need to do and learn. And things I worry will happen do in my dreams. And I'm sure it's no news to you that they are stress related.

Perhaps doing some metative exercises before bed would help clear your mind from wedding related worries. Then you can have a peaceful sleep.

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

OMG, get out of my brain. These are the exact same things happening to me. With less than 2 months to go, it seems like every time I cross off the list 2 more get added. However they're not terribly difficult and it doesn't help that every time I see something new on a blog, I just have to have it.

Amberdawn said...

I love my lists. I don't see how anyone other than a professional (and even most of them use them I'm sure!) could plan a wedding WITHOUT a to do list. There's just SO many THINGS you need. Well, the more you plan now, the less you'll stress about the day of. Just visualize that to do list getting done, and getting done well. That will ease your subconscious and your stress :)

Miss C said...

I love lists.

They make at least feel organised.

Boo for bad wedding dreams!

Mrs T said...

I had the crazy dreams too - I think everyone does in the lead up to the wedding. So annoying!

julie whitlock said...

I think I would think to ask you where I am going before then! Worry pas!! I'll be there! :)Sucks when your brain won't turn off eh? xox

Rachael Ann Lunghi said...

they are the worst!!!!!
i just had one last night

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