Friday, May 7, 2010

he's an artist...?

Not long ago, Mr. FP and I were watching an episode of Rich Bride, Poor Bride, an amazingly hilarious show in which the engaged couples spend a ridiculous amount of money on stuff they don't need. It's like a breeding ground for the wedding industrial complex. What can I say? It's a guilty pleasure.

In this particular episode, the groom was particularly involved in the wedding planning process. As in, he wouldn't let the bride get anything that she wanted without putting up a huge fight. He was in charge of the design, decor, entertainment, food etc. It went way beyond a groom who was simply involved to the point where I was suddenly thankful that Mr. FP has no desire to be that involved in the details of the wedding. In fact, the groom went as far to have a solid opinion on what style of dress the bride should wear. Actually, he sketched it out.

Could you imagine? I love Mr. FP's opinions, but if he ever told me what type of dress I had to wear, I'd quickly remove myself from the relationship. Obviously, I told him this and within seconds, he was set at sketching out what he thought my dress should look like.

The result? See for yourself.

Coming from the man who told me that he thought my wedding dress should have a train to cover my caboose, this is no surprise. What a strange boy I have.


JEM - Aqua Bride said...

That's very funny. I like that dress too. Great job Mr. FP. lol

Ms. Bunny said...

Well it seems to me that Mr. FP is concerned about the visibility of your breasts, meaning he wants them exposed. That is one ballsy dress design right there. ;)

julie whitlock said...

was it the episode with the guy who wanted coral trays. and faux coral. i stopped watching wedding shows because of that guy. i kid you not. he was terrifying. he gave me panic attacks. i can't even deal with crazy brides let along crazy grooms. eepppp

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