Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DIY: Stationery Pt. 2

In my last post, I mentioned how easy out stationery endeavors have gone so far and one of the main reasons is for a great resource I only recently discovered. Although I'd heard it before, it wasn't until I got the recommendation from our wedding photographer (shout out to Julie for this one!) to try VistaPrint.ca

I was a little skeptical in the beginning because although they give you a preview of what the product will look like once it's customized, it's impossible to get a true understanding of the quality from a photo online. So we decided to do a trial run with our RSVP's. Although they have a ton of pre-made designs, I already had our design ready to go so I just changed the size of the photo to fit their template and uploaded it to the site. When we got them back, I was so thrilled that I decided to order some address labels and some business cards (that have a link to our wedding website; which we'll include with our invitations when they get sent out). For the address labels, we used one of their pre-made designs which you can use to customize your own caricature.

And their prices cannot be beat:

* 100 glossy/color (on one side) postcards (for RSVP's) are free, plus the cost of shipping, which was around $10
* 250 color business cards are free, plus $6 for shipping
* 140 return address labels are free, plus $4 for shipping

And if you sign up to receive their e-mail updates which come about once a week, there are a ton of other great deals. Invitations are slightly more expensive, but not nearly as pricey in comparison to the average cost of getting invitations made. We should be able to get around 100 for under $50 and that includes using our own design and upgraded to linen paper.

The only downfall is that since it's an online company, it's hard to see a definite preview before ordering so I recommend giving it a shot with something free before ordering something big like your invitations. But with their templates (which they have for every product they offer) it makes the process much more simple because you can make sure none of your design will get cut off.

I think they should hire me on as their PR lady. I'm so enthusiastic about them it's pathetic.


George's Mum said...

Oh my goodness your blog got so pretty!!! Is it sad that I'm getting really excited for you??? When a new post pops up in my blogger reader I remember all the stages of our planning and I wish I was doing it all over again!

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