Thursday, November 5, 2009

dress shopping trip #1

I dove into the world of wedding dress shopping today! So exciting. And nerve wracking. I was really nervous and really worried about not being able to find anything that I fell in love with. Honestly, I think I've watched one too many Say Yes to the Dress episodes on TLC and I was building the experience up as much more stressful than it had to be.

Thankfully, I only took my mother this time so I didn't have a bunch of people giving me a variety of opinions so I could really figure out for myself what I liked. I tried on something like 4 bridal dresses and wasn't digging any of them. They are so heavy and hard to get on! I guess I should have been expecting that but I wasn't... Half way into the 5th dress I realized that I was nowhere near where I wanted to be, these dresses just weren't working for me. I was uncomfortable, warm, and stressed. Thankfully, I'm looking for something simple and sleek so the consultant suggested that I should try a bridesmaid dress that was a similar style to the bridal gowns I disliked the least.

So I tried it on. And the heavens opened up.
Okay, not really. I'm being dramatic. But I was thrilled. I felt comfortable. I looked good and my mother approved (a job in and of itself, FYI). So I'm pretty sure I'll end up buying that dress and 100% sure that if I don't buy that particular one, it will definitely be a bridesmaid dress. I highly recommend other brides try this along with your bridal gown experience. There's many upsides for someone who's looking for something casual, simple but beautiful: the price is great, the ordering/alterations processes aren't as time consuming and they come in a really wide variety of styles and sizes (and colors, if you're into that).
We also took a look at some dresses for my bridesmaids and decided that since my dress isn't glitzy or very glamorous we should have knee length bridesmaid dresses. Plus, the wedding is in June so it makes sense that way too. Some of which I've included photos of below. (I'd show a photo of the dress I'm thinking of wearing, but Mr. FB is too nosy to control himself!)

Now, all I have to do is figure out when to fit in another day of dress trying on into my busiest 3 weeks of university... leading up to exams and final papers. AH.


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