Tuesday, February 2, 2010

pretty, pretty birdcages

For the last few months I've been wracking my brain for an alternative to the traditional wedding money/card box that suits our tastes. With no luck. Nada. Niente. I've seen people use everything from a wire pumpkin/carriage which is supposed to be reminiscent of Cinderella's carriage, a set of boxes stacked on top of one another to resemble a cake and a plain shoebox that's got a hole cut in the top (with no decor, embellishment at all, I might add).

A few days ago though, I stumbled across something that I fell in love with. Unfortunately, unlike many other money box options out there, this one isn't DIY friendly. At all. I'd be at the mercy of the vintage finds and antique gods for this one. But isn't it pretty?

{image via The Knot}

In other birdcage news, I stumble across this tutorial from The Bride's Cafe which teaches you how to create the most adorable bird cage decorations I've ever seen.

I love, love, love them. And they're 100% customizable which is great for people who want specific colors. I'm not sure Mr. FP will let me get away with these cuties for the wedding (he thinks everything is too girly these days but honestly, what's wrong with a little pink?!) but I'm definitely going to try them out as apartment decor. Or maybe I will sneak a few into the trees around our ceremony site. What he doesn't know won't hurt him... or me, for that matter.


Ruthy G. said...

If I had more time, I would totally incorporate the bird theme into my wedding...I love this look

Emily said...

Try Home Goods... I found one there for my wedding and it was almost identical to the one you have pictured! My only suggestion... use a tiny lock (luggage size) to keep it closed just enough to get cards in but keep hands out if you won't know everyone, and I mean EVERYONE at your reception. We lost a few cards to untrustworthy staff at the reception... unfortunate but a good lession.

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