Wednesday, March 3, 2010

etsy seller: NHWoodcreations

I'm 100% in love with Etsy shop NHWoodcreations which I found from yesterday's post on The Sweetest Occasion. It was nearly impossible for me to limit myself to 6 photos, I wanted to link to everything.

If I was not determined to have fresh flowers at our wedding, I would definitely be buying some of Allison's work. The prices are great, colors are amazing and she gets inspiration from wandering through the woods of New Hampshire. How cool is that? Check her out!

{all photos from NHWoodcreations}
{click photos to link to listings}


Miss C said...

Oooooh I love the buttonholes! I don't think I could have a wedding without fresh flowers though...

Mrs T said...

I have an aversion to dried flowers, but I don't mind that button hole! Is it one of those neat wood roses?

dognbird said...

I love dried flowers, everlasting and beautiful. The colors here are lovely.

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