Thursday, March 25, 2010

bring on april 24th

I'm a bad blogger this week. A really bad one. I know, I know... I'm usually so perfect, it must be quite a shock. But I'm in final paper/exam mode for the next month, so my posting might be a little spotty. Try not to miss me too much.

The good news about this? After April 24th, it will be nothing but wedding for 2 months. No school, no reading, no work. Just a trip to Florida (which I have mere 5 days to prepare for once I'm done exams) and the wedding. What a life I shall live.

But for now, I have a major struggle on my hands. I should be focusing solely on school. My brain doesn't work well when its got too much stuff in it. Plus, Mr. FP is going to be so upset when we sees this post because he hates when I think about wedding stuff when I'm supposed to be studying. Which I should be doing right now. He thinks we should wait until after exams are done to do anything wedding related. Which, is probably a good idea. But time sensitive issues can't be thrown aside until exams are over. As much as I would like the ability to focus on just one thing for 5 minutes, it ain't gonna happen right now.

And, as awesome as a trip to Florida is, it's also been causing us major time constraints. Since we decided not to send out Save-the-Dates, we want to send out our invitations a little early to make sure people have enough time to fiddle with their schedules. We decided that 2 months would be enough time since we'd ideally like to start receiving our RSVP cards back around the 1st of June.

So the day after exams finish, I have to buckle down and get the invitations ready. Getting envelopes stamped with our owl stamps, writing out the addresses by hand, buying postage, attaching postage and making sure they get sent out before the 30th of April, when we leave for Florida.

Plus, we'd like to hand deliver as many as we can 1) to save on postage and more importantly 2) because its fun. For my side of the family, it should be pretty doable, since 2 of my mom's 3 siblings and their families live on the same street as my parents. As do my grandparents and my grandmother's sister. That's right, 6 out of the 9 houses on the street I grew up on have my family in them. I loved it growing up and I love it for logistical purposes because it will make delivery pretty easy. For Mr. FP's, it's probably not going to work out so well since his family is spread all over the province and country. Did I mention we only have 4 days to get these delivered and sent out? Ideally, we would like to do more hand deliveries, but we simply won't have the time. Thanks to the registrar at my university who decided it would be fun to make me write exams until the last possible day of the exam period. On a Saturday. At 9 am.

In addition to the invitation conundrum, we need to get any online orders done ASAP as well. Depending on where the items are being shipped from, it could take around a month for things to arrive, and since we're officially 3 months away from the wedding tomorrow (eek!), it's important to get that stuff started in case we have any problems. If I decide I can't make my own veil, I'll need to order one of them from Etsy. Same goes for my hair fascinator ... which, for the life of me, I cannot make a decision about. Right now, I have it narrowed down to 3 choices from Etsy: this, this, or this. C'mon ladies, a little help please. And on top of that, the paper lanterns we need for the reception tent have been sold out for a couple weeks, so we're waiting for the paperlanternstore to get more stock in before we can put that order through.

And I keep remembering I need to schedule a dress fitting. Hell, forget the fitting, I need to see my dress first. And we need to register at some point. And call the minister. And write the ceremony. And design/order programs.

Ugh, this post is stressing me out by reminding me of everything we need to do. Stupid blog.


Ellie said...

Do NOT hand deliver your invites! We hand delivered our STDs and it was a HUGE mistake. We still have not given all of our STDs because we would forget the STD when we saw the person, etc., and really, just send them all out at once in one huge big batch.
Plus, it's totally more fun to get the invites in the mail, trust me. I love getting the invites from my friends that could have been hand delivered, but weren't.
We're taking care of registering this weekend. And the invites, because we're stuck on wording. I'm gonna be where you are as of June 1, when I start bar prep....dun dun dunnnnnn

Chocolate Lover said...

I pick the first flower as my fave choice, although they are all pretty similar. There is a lot to get done but hang in there and you'll do it. Once school is over you'll be able to relax a little and get wedding things done. Good luck!

Bonnie Joy said...

I like the last flower the best. And i think it is totally fine to hand deliver the invites (that is what Im doing). As long as you keep track of who you have already given one too :P I keep track by listing all the guests on an excel sheet then highlighting a name red when I have given them an invite, then blue when I recieve as RSVP.

Mrs T said...

Best of luck with it all. Try not to stress too much. Try to break off doable chunks rather than looking at everything all at once.

John said...

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