Thursday, March 11, 2010

veil validation

I never thought of myself as a veil girl. I hate the ones with blushers and I loathe the ones that poof up to give the appearance of a large bubble attached to the brides head. Okay, I should clarify. I hate those veils on me. On other people, they look great. But blushers and bubbles just aren't me. So early in the wedding planning process, I had decided that I didn't want one. Just a flower or something simple in my hair would do.

Then I heard the stories. All the wonderful stories about the veil that made me change my mind. There are articles, blog posts, forum posts and epic poems all over the internet written by brides who love their veils. And after reading these stories, I went from thinking of veils as an overpriced piece of transparent fabric to believing that the veil will make all the difference.

Did I fall prey to the wedding industry? Did I let them convince me? Let them make me feel like I needed something I didn't really need? Maybe a little.

But honestly, I think it's more than that. I think the veil does complete the look for a lot of brides. And while I understand why a lot of brides remain veil-less, I think it's exactly what I need. My dress is a bridesmaid dress ordered in white, it doesn't sparkle or have any lace on it; I can pee by myself and it's flowy and comfortable. Pretty much everything the wedding industry wants, my dress lacks. And for that, I love it. But at the same time, it is very simple. And I want to be at least a little glam for our big day.

But I still didn't want a blusher, a bubble and I definitely didn't want to pay upwards of $200 for a piece of tulle. DIY-ing the entire veil was out of the question for me. I have no desire to make my own veil. Nor do I think I would get the results I want. So, since I didn't want to hate my veil, I needed another option outside of the walls of the bridal salon. Thankfully, I found it.

After reading this article from APT 345, I completely fell in love and knew I needed to have a veil. It's just so gosh-darn pretty. Simple and non-obstructive but definitely beautiful.

{photo from Apt 345}

Brooke, the author, like so many other brides talks about the difference the veil made to her:

I considered skipping it completely, but there's a reason those sales girls insist on putting them on you in the bridal salons--it completes the look. You go from "yeah, this is a pretty dress" to "OMG, I'm getting married" with the addition of one little piece of fabric.

As much as I love my dress and as happy as I am that I went with something simple, I want to have the "OMG, I'm getting married" feeling too! And while I may be jumping the gun a little since I have yet to try on my dress with a veil, I have this feeling in my gut that's telling me its the right thing for me.

Another part of me, however, is reminding me that there isn't $300 in the wedding budget set aside for a veil. So I'm turning to my best friend, Etsy. After I try some on at the salon to get a better idea of what goes with my dress, I'm going to scour Etsy for something similar but much more cost effective. In fact, I have a feeling that I'll end up going with something very similar to Brooke's veil which can be found in Etsy seller BellasBridalVeils' shop here. How does $29 sound, instead of $200? Um, hell yes.


Dyche Designs said...

Aaah this post brought back memories of my wedding day. No veil for me although I did wear a hair piece to add a little extra something. Love how you've found a way to incorporate something into your big day without having to spend a fortune. :0)

Ellie said...

What color is your dress? I bought a little too much ivory tulle, methinks, and I also have a bunch of white tulle on hand. If you weren't thinking anything too fancy (no beading), I can whip one up for you. I'm having a veil-making party with a friend sometime before May (when my serger is back from the shop), so let me know if you're interested.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I also don’t like blushers, and thought about skipping a veil since I’ll also be wearing a crystal and pearl headband. But I've decided to wear a fingertip veil just during the ceremony, since it’s so pretty.

Vee said...

I was so anti-veil. Then... they put one on me at the bridal salon. They really know how to sucker you, don't they? I fell in love with a mantilla veil and never looked back. I'm such a sucker.

Chocolate Lover said...

I was like you too, thought I didn't want one. And then I tried one on! Oh my! Does complete the outfit in my opinion

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I also didn't want a veil at first...but my sister told me she regretted not having one at her wedding 3 years ago. She said it just makes you truly feel like *THE* bride! So I decided to go ahead and wear one. Though I will only wear it to the ceremony and for 'some' of the photo session. I don't want it on the entire night like some brides do.

Like you, I couldn't justify the cost and wasn't sure how to get one as I am not a DIY-er. So I ended up asking a girlfriend who recently married if she would let me 'borrow' her veil for my wedding. She was totally honored and now it is super special because it's my something borrowed. It just so happens that the color and style (simple veil with a little beaded trim that comes to just below my back) go totally fine with my gown.

So you may want to consider that option as well?

All Things Wedding said...

This is what did it for me: "Anyone can wear a white gown, but only a bride can wear a veil."
- Randy Fenoli

miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

@Ellie: Thanks for the offer! My dress is ivory so that might work out well. I'll hopefully be going in to try on my dress with some veils within the next week or two, so I'll definitely let you know.

Miss C said...

I totally thought I'd wear a veil for the Irish wedding, but the dress I decided on wasn't quite as simple as I thought it'd be. They put a veil on me in the shop and although I got a bit teary (agree with the "I'm getting married!" feeling), it just felt TOO bridey. Plus, there are beautiful crystal buttons all the way down the back and a veil would cover them up. So, just a pretty flower thingy for me ;)

Mrs T said...

I wore my mothers. So loved it. Etsy has some AMAZING veils though. You'll find one no worries.

Jess said...

I had that moment and loved it when the girl put the veil on me. It really does transform you into a bride...but with the $200 price tag I'm trying to find a cheaper one too!

Jasper said...

I felt all brides-y leaving the salon where i had just got my hair did and my veil pinned on. before i even had my dress on. And I wore it all night even after I changed into jeans. Its one day, rock the veil!

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