Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Exciting news! I recently received an offer to become a wedding expert over at Wishpot, an online gift registry website.

Let's face it, wedding expert I am not.

An expert purchaser of things online, on the other hand, I most definitely am.

I've been having a ridiculously good time finding things to add to my lists, which you can see here. Let's face it, this is just feeding my online shopping addiction. Especially when it comes to the wedding. But hey .... ... um, never mind, there's no excuse for that one. It's feeding the addiction.

And I like it.
Check it out and see for yourself, fellow shopping addicts.


SaraElizabeth said...

Congrats! That's soo cool!!!

A-L, from An Honorable Estate said...

That's way awesome! I haven't fully browsed wishpot yet, but is it basically like creating an online registry, but instead of having to specify which store you want it from it will find the lowest priced store for you?

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