Monday, April 5, 2010

groomal party clothing

Like I was discussing in my last post, I would love to leave all wedding planning until my brain is a school-free zone. But, time sensitive issues are ... well, time sensitive. So as much Mr. FP insists I focus only on school, it just ain't happening. That's right, Mr. FP, too bad.

Obviously, clothing is another time sensitive bit of wedding planning. Last weekend, I was finally able to drag Mr. FP to a suit store to get his clothes for the wedding. And other than the shocked look on the face of the man who was helping us when we said we were shopping for wedding attire but that we didn't want to rent a tuxedo, it was a good time. I rarely get to watch him try clothes on (last time was for engagement photos) and it was fun to have his "best lady" tag along as well. We enjoyed mocking him together when he had to get felt up by the salesman. After a mere 30 minutes, he settled on a two button, charcoal suit with a subtle pinstripe which was on sale for $200.

Originally, we had no idea what we wanted to do for the groomsmen so I got Mr. FP to look through the photos of formal wear on The Knot's image galleries to get a better idea of what he wanted for them. He's a see it and like it kind of guy, not always the best at articulating a general idea, so this worked really well for us. As soon as he saw this picture, he knew that's what he wanted. 5 minute decisions are our type of thing.

To add some uniqueness and cool factor, we've also picked out some types from Etsy seller toybreaker. I found their shop months ago and have had it bookmarked ever since because I love them so much (silkscreen anything just floats my boat). Thankfully, so does Mr. FP. He decided the "Crash" design was his favorite, so we'll be ordering one for him in charcoal and 2 for the groomsmen in black. I cannot wait to see them. Although they're ever so slightly more than we had planned to spend, they'll pull double duty as groomsmen gifts so I'm not worried about cost at this point.

I was also originally a little worried about how graphic these ties were. Although we love them for their uniqueness, I was concerned about how they would work for more formal shots. We love them now, but in 20 years, we might think they look dumb. Obviously, this can be said about anything in the wedding, but my dress is a fairly timeless style so we at least have some hope to remain current for a few years. (Unlike my aunt's 90's wedding. I highly doubt the poofy sleeves and head-to-toe beading will ever come back. At least, here's to hoping.) Thankfully, Mr. FP decided to wear a jacket rather than just pants and a dress shirt like the groomsmen, so that should tone the tie down ever so slightly when we need it to. And for the rest of the warm (we hope) June day, its likely he'll be jacket-less, so the tie will be enjoyed in all its glory.

We were able to secure a dress for Mr. FP's best lady, which is a huge relief. We had originally hoped to get something local, but nothing in the city really worked, so we decided to just order a bridesmaid dress in black so she would match the guys. Ultimately, the day turned into a multitasking trip to the bridal store for a black bridesmaids dress and my sister's prom dress. A unique and interesting experience (is it just me, or have prom dresses gotten a whole lot sluttier since I graduated?). Unlike Mr. FP's 30 minute decision, this one took much longer but we did end up settling on a black, strapless, tea length dress for the best lady.

Plus, I got to see my sister get stuck in the doorway of the dressing room because the prom dress she was trying on was so poofy that she couldn't move around. Good times all around.


Ms. Bunny said...

Congrats for figuring out the guys' attire! And if the ties end up looking a little dated a few years down the line, I think that will be just find. Some of my favorite vintage pictures of couples on their wedding day do look dated — that's what gives them the edge.

Jess said...

I love those ties too but they just didn't have anything that truly caught my Boy's eye.

I concur about prom dresses getting sluttier as the years go's definitely happening here in Australia too.

thehickbride said...

Oooo those ties are awesome. =)

Stacy Marie said...

OK love the suit idea and the outfit for the groomsmen-we're having ours wear black or gray suits. Your wonderful groom will have a handsome suit to keep as well! And those ties are badass. Also, you are 100% right about how skanky prom dresses have gotten. I can't believe moms buy those for their kids!

Mrs T said...

Love those ties!

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