Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This past week has been an exciting one in the fancy pants household. Tons of wedding stuff has arrived and I'm so happy to finally be allowed to order and finalize. We put off many of the expensive ideas and online orders until we were sure that we knew what we wanted. I say "we", but really, it was me. I'm the indecisive one. And this fact prompted the always logical Mr. FP to suggest that we wait before making any major and costly decisions. But with a little over 2 months until the wedding, now is the time to get things done!

First off, the components for our programs and photo sharing cards arrived from Vistaprint. More on those coming soon. I swear.

Next, we received our amazing paper lanterns. So far, we're only in possession of the 12" ones, but paperlanternstore just received more 14"-ers in, so we'll be ordering them shortly. For any one else looking for paper lanterns, I highly recommend the paperlantern store. They had really good prices, tons of colors, and their shipping was both reasonable and fast. Plus, they ship to Canada, and since that's a hard thing to come by, they had us from hello.

Finally, the components for our DIY paper lantern lighting project arrived as well. That will require a post all on its own, so I promise to update soon... once we're actually sure we know what we're doing. It's all a little fuzzy right now. Electricians, we are not.

Although it's a relief to start finalizing things, so many of these arrivals are still in desperate need of some DIY effort that it's becoming overwhelming. I know I shouldn't panic because once school is done (2 weeks from yesterday!) I will have a month and a half to focus 100% on the wedding. This should give me plenty of time to get all of my DIY projects for the wedding done. Plus, I've already had tons of people offer their help, so I'm set.

Yet, as I look around our apartment, I'm still feeling antsy. With paper lanterns, programs, centerpieces and invitations all in need of some kind of work, our small amount of living space is slowly being encroached upon by wedding paraphernalia. Plus, exams are well under way which means that class notes, novels and textbooks are scattered everywhere.

On top of the fact that we're drowning in stuff and I'm stressed about exams, we're still having major parental drama on the Mr's side (more on that later, too) so emotions are running high. And what does that translate into? Arguing. Lots of it. It's frustrating because we're usually such a good team. We usually have an "us against the world" kind of attitude, but lately, we've both been so stressed that that concept is starting to crack a little. Thankfully, we're still working through our awesome couples book and trying to stay as patient as possible.

Even so, it's a lot to handle.

Did I mention that April 24th could not arrive any sooner?


Chocolate Lover said...

I can totally relate to living in a small space that is become engulfed by wedding stuff! Its nutso! Hang in there lady! Its coming up so quickly and hopefully once you have school out of the way things will calm down!

Miss C said...

One project at a time, one day at a time and you'll get it all done.

You sound like yourself and the mister need to just have one giant hugging session. Seriously. Hug until you squish each other. It works wonders.

Ms. Bunny said...

How exciting! I'm glad to hear it is all starting to come together. I can't wait to read your tutorial posts.

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