Monday, June 14, 2010

12 days to go!

I cannot believe it's Monday. Where did the weekend go?!
Thank goodness it was a productive weekend. Otherwise, we'd be in much worse shape.

The week was full of DIY projects that I'm desperately trying to finish up. From mustaches for the photo booth to cupcake trials, the week was crazy. To top it off, Friday night we went to get our marriage license, so we are now officially licensed to marry! I giggled at the questions they had to ask us privately before issuing our license (no, we are not cousins, thank you very much) and then we spent an hour or so scouring stores for supplies for the baskets we're putting in the bathrooms at the wedding. At the end of that day, we were both ready for a break.

Which, we got. Thank goodness. Mr. FP and his boys gathered at our place for his bachelor party and a night of gaming. Yep, that's right. No shots, no strippers, just gaming. A whole, whole lot of gaming. That's the way Mr. FP likes it, oddly enough. He's wanted to have a huge gaming party for his bachelor party since we started talking about the idea months ago.

On Saturday, one of my beautiful bridesmaids hosted a bachelorette party for me at her apartment. She arranged for a Passion Party consultant to show up and give us a sweet presentation which involved everything from body lotion to $100+ vibrators. My favorite was the one with the pharaoh's face on it. It was so weird that I couldn't help but love it. That was followed by a game of "pin the penis on the photo of Michelangelo's David". In the end, that poor statue was left with penises on everything from his stomach to his legs. Apparently, we suck at that game.

And after our late night of debauchery, we woke up early on Sunday to drive 2 hours to meet our officiants. Since they're friends of my grandparents, we already knew a lot about them and we were really excited to meet them and to discuss our ceremony. Although they're a married couple and both are legally ordained, they decided that it would be best if just one of them officiated and we did a quick run through of the ceremony.

Even though I'd worked on the ceremony myself by compiling bits and pieces of ceremonies I found online, hearing it read out loud was an entirely different experience and I had the hardest time not crying as we sat in their dining room. This is a pretty definite indication that I am 100% screwed when it comes to the actual ceremony, haha. The idea of being able to maintain my composure and fight off the tears has been flushed down the toilet at this point. But I'm okay with that because it sounded so great coming from her.

Finally, the weekend ended with a nice drive and a trip to the cottage where things are really starting to come together. Honestly, between the yard work and the renovations on the actual structure, the cottage has never looked better. And on Wednesday, we'll be heading back up there to pick up our wedding tents from one of our neighbors who have agreed to let us rent 3 tents for $150. Compare that to the $1,000 price tag to rent one from the only local company that has wedding tents. We're extremely lucky to have such a sweet connection there.

More info on the DIY projects coming up and keep an eye out for an upcoming giveaway!


Anonymous said...

This post is just bursting with excitement! I'm thrilled for you!

I'm with you in the "there is no way I'll get through my own wedding ceremony without crying my eyes out" camp. I will probably spend a third of the yichud redoing my eye makeup.

Ghenet said...

So exciting! We're just getting started planning our ceremony and I know I'll be bawling too. Good luck with the last of the preparations. You're almost there!

Amberdawn said...

Wow, that's great that you got so much done! I hope you don't have much left to do so you have some time to relax before the big day :)

Lisa said...

i love it! I can't believe how soon your wedding is! I also think more parties should involve Michelangelo's David.

Miss C said...

So happy for you!

I too will probably be a blubbering mess.

12 days! Wow!

BridalHood said...

You've worked so hard it's all going to turn out so lovely. I will tell you it's a good idea to read the ceremony aloud a few times to get the tears out of the way earlier - it's beautiful to cry on your wedding day but if I hadn't done it I would have been sobbing. And if you are writing your own vows definitely read aloud to someone. It's all so exciting - good luck!

chelsea said...

eeeeck! I'm anxious for you:)

Ms. Bunny said...

What a busy weekend. Reading about hearing your wedding out loud for the first, what a moment that must have been!

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