Friday, January 1, 2010

Herbal Boutonnieres

I've fallen in love. Again.

But this time, it's with these boutonnieres.

I found this tutorial on Once Wed and they seem fairly simply to recreate. I've always intended to make the boutonnieres myself. I have no desire to pay a florist a ridiculous amount of money for labor when I could do it myself. In fact, as far as flowers for the wedding goes, that's my intention across the board. I plan on making my own bouquet with a little help from my family, bridesmaids and DIY tutorials I've found online in a fresh-picked sort of style, so these should match it perfectly.

Another great feature of these boutonnieres is the opportunity to incorporate herbs and flowers which are unique to us as a couple. Case in point, if we settle on this type of boutonnieres, I'll be using rosemary because it's an ingredient in one of Mr. FP's favorite recipes (which came from this vegetarian food blog which I recently discovered) and lavender because it's the scent of the bubble bath Mr. FP bought me when we moved in to our first apartment together.

Not only will they be personalized, but they'll smell great. And if one of the groomsmen has really bad breath before the ceremony, he can just pull the mint out of his boutonniere and chew on it for a while. Okay, I'm joking, but the general sentiment is the same ... I love them.


julie a whitlock said...

you are just going to have the best wedding! i can't wait :)

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