Thursday, January 28, 2010

directing our guests

I love when things that are necessary to our wedding are also appealing to the eyeballs. Since our ceremony + reception location is at a summer cottage which is a good 40 minutes from the main city as well as completely unknown to the majority of Mr. FP's family, our guests are going to need some serious directionage (that's right, I said directionage).

Although my last post may have caused me to come off as insensitive to our guests, it's more about the fact that I don't want to fork over hundreds of dollars to entertain them, but I do want to make sure they can find our wedding. Well ... most of them. The ones on my side, at least.

Step #1 to making sure our guests can find us:

- A wedding website!

We signed up for a free website from MyWedding which has pages for everything from guest attire information (I swear, we're not snobs... it's not about formality, it's about warning them that it will be cold once the sun goes down and that ladies may want to avoid wearing heels unless they fancy sinking into the grass all day), accommodations, and driving directions. On the driving directions page, we've included 2 links from GoogleMaps: one gives directions from my parents' house and one from his. We're also linking to a map made through our account with WeddingMapper which is neat because it allows us to attach markers for important locations. I found this example if you're interested:

{click image to enlarge}

While our location doesn't have as many interesting extras as "Anne and Michael's" wedding, I think the maps are great because they're fun and, more importantly, easy to understand.

Step #2 to making sure our guests can find us:

- Tons of pretty, handmade signs like these:

{Photo sources: 1+2: The Knot; 3: WeddingBee}

We figure we'll place them sporadically along the only two roadways to get to the cottage. And something I'm happy to have thought of is that we'll have to include either our names or initials on the sign in the off chance that there's any other weddings going on in the area which could confuse our guests.

I love, love, love these signs and ones like them. The rustic, country look of them is perfect for our wedding since it's basically in the middle of nowhere. Plus, they can easily be recreated by yours truly, especially since my mom has already started to collect wood for them. Score.


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