Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I have a problem...

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it.
I'm an accessory whore.

And while I struggle with this on a daily basis, my condition has been exacerbated during the wedding planning process. Not only do I seem to fall in love with every bridal accessory I see, but we spent so little on my wedding dress than I figure I have some wiggle room when it comes to the accessory budget. Honestly, by the time June rolls around, I will have spent $350 on a dress and probably $550 on accessories. Okay, that's a lie. Mr. FP would not stand for that. But you get the idea. Oh well, I can still dream. And in my dreams, I will be covered from head to toe in accessories. Ones like these...

I actually do own these. And I love them. So much so that I've already worn them twice. And no, neither of those events were my own wedding. I'm horrible, I know. Find them in roundabout's shop here.

And since my dress has an empire waist, my sister, mother and I decided that it needed a sash. So I bought one in light blue. And I might be going back to buy another one in purple to jazz it up for the reception.

And to go with the sash, of course I'll be wanting a brooch. Which I've already found one similar to the photo above (which I know is from The Knot, but I forget the exact location) by browsing through Etsy's vintage brooch category. Um, actually, I already have two because I bought another one this past weekend. And I am still in love with this vintage Sarah Coventry brooch even though it goes with nothing else I want to wear.

As if that's not enough brooch for one person, I've also always wanted some bling for my bouquet since I came across this photo:

And of course, I've found one I love from joojooland.

Okay, earrings. Sash. Brooch. Fine, all still within the realms of normal. But if you think I'm done, you're wrong. So very, very wrong.

I'll also be needing a veil. And by needing, I mean wanting. But I figure this one is totally justified since my dress is beautiful, but plain. And I've heard so many other brides talk about how a veil is the difference between feeling like a woman in a white dress and feeling like a bride. If I thought for a second I could pull of a birdcage veil it would be this one from PrimandPosies.

More than likely however, I will end up with something more like this one from veiledbeauty.

And by request from Mr. FP, I've also been desperately searching for a hair fascinator and/or flower. It's one of the only requests he's made of me so far and probably the only one he'll ever make about how I look on the day of. He's a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. Always. Except, apparently, when it comes to hair flowers. And ever since he told me that he would love for me to have a flower in my hair the first time he sees me on our wedding day... well, honestly, how can you refuse a request like that?!

Although I have a massive collection of photos on my computer, I recently came across this one from lottiedadesigns which I'm totally smitten with because it has polka dots. Which are my favorite things next to my dog Pearl and Mr. FP (in that order, nonetheless).

Unfortunately for me (and Mr. FP's PayPal account) I also saw the photo below and became obsessed with the idea of wearing a scarf/pashmina as a shawl.

But at least this idea won't cost me anything because I already have one! (Now I'm starting to justify this sickness... how pathetic.) My grandparents recently brought me back a scarf as a thank you gift for house/dog sitting for them and I love it and the significance behind it. However, during my Etsy browsing for the "groomal party" (Mr. FP's new name for the people standing up with him since he refuses to admit that they're part of the bridal party... yeah, welcome to my life) attire, I came across these silk scarves from toybreaker which are gorgeous.

And to top it all off, I might also be needing a necklace. And if I ever turn sane and forget about all the previous madness, I might be able to afford/be able to pull off the Pearly Girly necklace by VirginiaGeigerJewels. Which also happens to have significance to me since I always refer to my 14 year old cairn terrier as pearly girly. Damn me and my tendency to associate certain memories and sentiments to physical objects!

So clearly, I have some editing to do.
Or I need to get married 4 more times.

Okay, editing it is.


Miss C said...

I'd hate to encourage you, but... that all sounds reasonable to me ;)

Ellie said...

I actually don't sweat the accessories much, at least not yet. Eventually I will actually make my veil, and maybe a hairpiece. And for right now, I'm wearing all stuff I already own. My something blue is earrings Mark gave me on our 4th anniversary, my something old is my necklace from my aunt that was my great-grandmother's engagement gift, and my something borrowed will be my grandmother's engagement ring.
Stay tuned for the melt down that ensues when I realize my earrings just don't match and the necklace is too long/short/gold/old and that I need something that makes more of a statement or something...I'm sure it's coming, but I like that I don't "have" to shop for accessories. I also am a huge sentimentalist, and I think it's much more likely that my kids will want to wear my jewelry than my dress, so I want to wear nice pieces that will last, and since I already own the ones I mentioned and they aren't in the budget, I shouldn't splurge on something cheap...

I'm a huge fan of the bouquet brooch though. I'm gonna need one of those. Maybe that can be my something new. Since my dress is a discontinued dress from like, 2007, and has been in my closet for almost a year, it certainly can't be my something new!

The Office Bride said...

Hey Miss Fancy Pants!

Left you a little something on my blog :)

Mr. FP said...

Please stop encouraging her...

Vee said...

That pearl necklace is to DIE for. WOW!

Mouse said...

Dude, you need to write a tutorial for those of us who are accessories-challenged. Moi.

sera said...

Gorgeous accessories! every one. although I agree, I don't think you should wear all of them at the same time.
But I do want to throw my two cents in about that toybreaker scarf. I just got mine yesterday and the dove grey color is a little bit purple and absolutely gorgeous!!! and soft, in case you wanted to know...

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