Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Including the Kids

Unlike traditional wedding venues where people might want to provide coloring books or games for the kids to keep them from getting bored at the reception especially, this hasn't been an issue in our wedding planning. Since both the ceremony and reception will be held at my family's summer cottage, which almost all of the youngin's are familiar with, I know they'll be more than happy to entertain themselves. Plus, with a candy buffet, I don't think they'll wander too far.

But since there will be kids in the wedding as well as attending both the ceremony and reception, I've been trying to figure out some methods to make them feel included. And I think I have finally found a solution. I found these adorable cameras in The Knot's Wedding Shop (here for the girls, and here for the boys) which seem perfect to keep kids entertained either during the ceremony or the reception.

While I don't expect the results from these camera to replace the photos our photographer will be taking, I think it's cute that the kids will get to feel included by taking photos of the special day. Although I know my 8 year old cousin who's really into taking pictures with my digital camera will be disappointed because she won't get the immediate satisfaction of seeing the photos, I know she'll enjoy walking around the reception with the camera.

Although they cost a little more than I'd like to spend -- $7.99/camera x 4 or 5 + shipping from US to Canada = probably too much -- these cameras are kid friendly, reusable and completely adorable, so I might have to splurge.


BridalHood said...

It's been a big debate for us - kids or not kids. We are getting married at an outdoor vineyard but all the kids that would come are under the age of 10. It turns out we are having them - and probably about 10-12 of them. A lot for a 50-60 person wedding. Since my fiance and I are just big kids anyway it works out. I'm giving them all projects to do. Some will walk down the aisle, pass out programs, man the guest book, walk Grandma down the aisle - so they all feel important. I'm also doing a fun kids table at the reception - that way they are somewhat seperate from the adults and we'll make it really fun and age approriate for them.

julie whitlock said...

i had a bride that gave all the kids cameras and made them a list of things they had to get pictures of like a scavenger hunt. the kids really got in to it. i love kids and grandmas with cameras because i can generally shoot over all of their heads heehee :0)

Jennifer said...

This is such a fun and cute way to incorporate the kids at your wedding! It is a bit pricey, but you will definitely be their favorite bride for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I also had a bride do a eye spy thing with the camera (there is a FREE downloadable list from Martha Stewart Weddings) and it was a hit with the cameras and there were actually some cute shots. Like 1 in 25 but you know. :P

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